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 Raising BME Cancer Awareness

We specialise in organising and hosting innovative BME cancer awareness events in and with local communities e.g. community centres, churches, faith community or other public venues about:

  • The most common cancers affecting BME communities;
  • Current BME specific cancer information and evidence;
  • Cancer awareness and the importance of early diagnosis;
  • NHS cancer screening services;
  • Specific cancer-related symptoms;
  • Appropriate existing supportive services;
  • Appropriate cancer services, and
  • BME cancer patient experiences.

Supporting BME Cancer Initiatives

We provide:

  • Consultancy services to providers of BME cancer information and health provision; and
  • Diversity awareness training to BME cancer service providers.

Developing BME Specific Cancer Resources

We also focus on increasing appropriate support for BME cancer patients and their carers via:

  • Organising and Hosting Support Groups for Service Providers and other government agencies ;
  • Encouraging and supporting the development and dissemination of cancer information in other
    languages, and 
  • Encouraging and supporting appropriate BME cancer research initiatives.